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Four Fun Ways to Engage Social Media Followers

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One social media, we’re all a little jaded by the same old content that we’ve been scrolling through for years. Without much imagination or intrigue in the posts of people we know and businesses we follow, we tend to disengage and even unfriend or unfollow people. But on the flip side, this creates huge and exciting opportunities for those who are willing to push the boat out and try something completely different. Here are four fun ways that you can reengage your followers, making them love your personality or brand anew.


Everyone loves a competition. The chance to win something, to show off your knowledge in a quiz, or to take part in a fun game, is always enough to encourage lethargic social media users into action. So, setting up some form of game, giveaway or competition is the perfect way to drive intrigue in your brand. Of course, you can use this as a brilliant marketing opportunity too, because you can encourage shares and referrals across your followers’ friends. To make everything run smoother, use a giveaway bot to help you automate how you give out prizes and interact with people who have entered your competition.


A competition gives a prize; a game is just something fun to pass the time. If you’re interested in giving people a laugh on social media, and you have the time to put together a fun game, this might be the option for you. There are hundreds of different types of game that can be played on social media – from asking your followers for the best caption for a photograph to asking them to share their funniest story of the past year. All of these will help you to engage your followers, who you’re inviting to share something funny or interesting with you and your followers or friends.


AMA is an abbreviation of “Ask me anything”. It’s a way for businesses and influential individuals to get a little closer to the followers, fans or customers that they’re there to appreciate. So, these are wonderful ways to broadcast your views and show that you’re open to any question that anyone might have. Set these up with plenty of advance notice – a week should do it – so that you have plenty of time to prepare some answers and to give warning to interested users or when they should be online.

Great Content

If all else fails, you can always resort to the key thing that people take to social media to consume – excellent, engaging content. This isn’t about taking a great photo of your products – this is something that consumers can find on your business website. It’s an excuse to go behind the scenes and to show your followers something unique and exclusive about you or your business. Meanwhile, jokes and savvy social media marketing can go viral, so always consider these options if something topical comes up in the news that you’d like to comment on.

Engaging your fans needn’t be a laborious bor. It’s something that you can make fun and exciting, giving your followers something to enjoy while they browse social media.

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