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Four Problems that People might run into when using a Mobile Betting App


Since some online bookmakers and casinos allowed their customers to bet on the go, online gambling became even more popular. Although it has its flaws, people can bet even if they are out with their friends, which makes online betting the go-to option for many punters.

The fact that mobile betting has a lot of advantages shouldn’t come as a surprise. While it is true that there are way more pluses than minuses, there are a few problems that people have to take into account before they start betting online. Without further ado, here are some of the common problems that mobile bettors have to consider before they start wagering.

1. Most applications receive regular updates, so you need to have a lot of storage space

Whether you want to download a betting app or a random game from the App Store or Google Play, one of the first things that you need to check is the app’s size. Online punters who go to to download this gambling company’s application will see that it is not as big as other files. In fact, the majority of online betting applications are small in size, meaning that you can get them on a wide range of devices.

While it is true that the apps are small, you have to keep in mind that most of them receive regular updates. The new updates improve the app’s design and may even add loads of new features, promos, etc. Each update makes the app larger in size, which will have a negative effect on your phone’s storage space. Needless to say, it is not recommended to use a device that does not have any free storage space because it may have negative consequences in the long run.

2. The betting applications and your mobile data

One of the problems that every mobile punter encounters sooner or later is related to mobile data. Whether you prefer a mobile app or a mobile site, the only way to avail yourself of the things they offer is by having access to the internet. After all, there aren’t any gambling apps that allow you to bet offline.

The mobile betting applications that are not optimized properly are known for using a lot of mobile data. Of course, this largely depends on what you bet on. As you can probably guess, playing regular slots and placing pre-match sports bets won’t use as much data as wagering on live events and playing games with live dealers.

If you want to save as much mobile data as possible, you should either try to avoid using the live betting options or simply connect to a Wi-Fi network. Finding a suitable Wi-Fi network is not difficult, but you should be careful when using public options, especially when you are at an airport or a bus station. Sometimes, these Wi-Fi networks could be hacked, which means people can access your personal details.

3. Some mobile apps a just a mere shadow of the desktop site

Even though betting on the go is popular, and most betting companies know that, some brands haven’t done the needed optimizations. Hence, their application only offers a handful of the things that are available to desktop users. Everyone who decides to download and install the Bet9ja app for Android and iOS from Betenemy and check it out will see that it looks almost identical to the desktop website. Sadly, most bookies and casinos don’t follow this operator’s example, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find that many options.

Besides the lack of features and payment options, mobile apps don’t even offer the same sections. The good news is that the mobile website makes up for it, so if you check it out, you should have access to everything available on the desktop. Of course, there are always exceptions.

4. The Live Chat contact option is not always available

People who bet on the go usually have previous experience in the iGaming industry, which helps them sort out most problems they come across. Of course, there are always exceptions, which is why the leading online casinos and bookmakers have their own customer support departments.

Even though you will probably have the chance to send an email, the popular live chat option is not always available. This contact solution is usually the preferred option for online bettors because it allows them to chat with a support agent. Sadly, this thing isn’t always accessible while using a mobile betting app, so if you want to take advantage of it, you may be required to open the operator’s desktop platform.

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