France Carmaker Peugeot to start Assembling Cars in Kenya

France Carmaker Peugeot to start Assembling Cars in Kenya

The maker of car models Peugeot, Citroen, and DS Cars, the France-based PSA Group has announced this past weekend that it has signed a contract. To start assembling two car models in Kenya.

A move experts believe will reduce PSA’s dependence on the European market. The PSA Group will start assembling the Peugeot 508 and 3008 in Kenya. PSA has partnered with the Kenya-based URYSIA, who has also been its long-standing importer and distributor in Kenya, to assemble the two models.

PSA plans to produce about 1,000 vehicles annually. The Peugeot brand has in the past been assembled in East Africa between the period 1974 and 2002 when they withdrew. The brand’s comeback has been welcomed by the Kenyan government.

A section of the media has quoted Kenya President Kenyatta saying the plant’s reopening will go a long way towards creating jobs in the country. The reopening of Peugeot assembly plant echoes the government narrative of ‘Buy in Kenya and Built in Kenya.’

Not forgetting that vehicles assembled locally are better adapted to the local terrain than imported vehicles.

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