Free Facebook coming to Kenyans on Safaricom network; but first the Social Network will share your Private Info

safaricom and facebook free access

Safaricom, the self-acclaimed ‘The Better Option’ has been described a lot of things, including ‘The Bitter Option.’ The network is a premium network; they offer robust and reliable network coverage – the most extensive cellular network coverage in Kenya – at the highest prices in the market.

That is why news that the telecom is going to provide free access to Facebook to its subscribers will certainly make headlines. Safaricom is not particularly known for freebies, especially since they know they have such a huge market, which they try to lock down with mobile money services.

Free Facebook but at a cost

Then again, there is nothing like a free lunch or a free ride. So how do Safaricom and Facebook benefit by giving you (Safaricom subscribers)? Well, its data. Safaricom has partnered up with the social network giant to provide you free access to Facebook. However, in return, the social network will share your data with Safaricom.

The T&C part of this new Safaricom and Facebook reads in part:

In order to help us evaluate the success of this service, and to enable us and your operator to understand your use of Facebook’s services, we may exchange some limited info with Safaricom (including any of its group companies). This includes info like your phone number, the amount of data you use and your load and promo balance. This also lets us evaluate the success of this service.

How the Safaricom’s ‘Facebook Freebies’ works

When a Safaricom subscriber logs into Facebook in data mode, they will be able to access the free version of Facebook but with a limitation of 20MB mobile data usage cap. If you consume more than that, you will start paying Safaricom for the mobile data used.

The 20MB free Facebook access will be available to a Safaricom subscriber each day for 30 days. However, while you are still browsing Facebook with your daily 20MB, free browsing is restricted to the social network. If for instance, you click a link taking you away from Facebook, Safaricom will charge you the standard mobile data charges for accessing that site.

I am sure you have wondered how far can you go with 20MB. Well, the truth is you can’t go far. So I suggest you stick to viewing texts updates, avoid videos totally, and occasionally view pictures. As for the pictures, the lower the resolution, the more mileage your 20MB will take you.

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