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How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

by Fahad Saleem

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

Your smartphone has limited space and it gets exhausted when you keep installing apps, music, and videos. Even the temporary files, created by the running apps, eat up limited space. You can easily see how much space each individual app is consuming. There could be various strategies to free up space on iPhone and iPad. You can sort out important data and delete the rest. However, here we will present one of the most efficient and smart methods to free up space on iPhone and iPad.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad 1

PhoneExpander is a useful app for space management. It deletes temporary files, undesired apps, takes a backup, and delete photos and videos from your iPhone in just a few moments. This app is required to be installed in your Mac for managing the space on your iPhone or iPad. The application for Windows might be launched in future.

You can download PhoneExpander from this link to your Mac. Now, you need to unzip the file, copy the app to the folder containing Applications and run the app. Now, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your Mac. You will get the “iPhone connected” confirmation message. It also tells about how stuffed your device is. The app provides option for:

  • Clearing temporary files
  • Removing apps
  • Clearing photos

Clear Temporary Files

You can also free up space on your device by deleting temporary files stored locally by the apps for launching them faster. It is quite safe to delete temporary files. PhoneExpander gives you an easy method for clearing up temporary files. It must be mentioned that it doesn’t remove your settings and login information.

For removing temporary files, click on the “Clear Temporary Files” button. Phone Expander will show you how much storage space you can free up if temporary files are removed from all the apps.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

By default, PhoneExpander will select all the apps. You can choose the apps for which you don’t want to delete the temporary files by deselecting the check box available next to apps. When you click on the “Clear” button, the chosen apps’ temporary files will be deleted. After that the PhoneExpander will give you information about how much space has been freed up. The process is very simple and fast. The briskness of the app also depends on the amount of disk space you are trying to clear. PhoneExpander takes only 2-3 minutes for freeing up around 2GB of space.

Removing Apps

You can easily remove undesired apps using PhoneExpander as follows.

  • Click on Remove Apps button.
  • Now, click on the check box button next to the app you desire to uninstall.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

  • When you click on “Remove checked” button, the selected apps will be immediately deleted to free up some space.

Take Backup and Clear Photos and Videos

  • Click on the Clear Photos option.
  • You can choose the option of backing up and removing photos and videos. Both options can be selected also. You can also browse the folder for saving your backup data.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

  • You can drag the slider for deleting photos older than a certain limit. PhoneExpander will tell you how much space will be freed up by using the Backup and Remove Files button. Click on the button and free up space as you desire. The whole process will take just a few minutes to complete.

PhoneExpander is currently in its beta version and the developer intends to clear the Music files from your device in the future. It is free at the moment, but you might require shelling some money once it comes out of beta phase. So far, it is the best solution to free up space on iPhone and iPad.

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