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Free Up Space in Windows 10 Using This New Exciting Feature by Microsoft

by Fahad Saleem

Managing space has been an unrelenting issue for computing devices users. Especially in the world of today where users download tons of data, movies, documents, photos and songs daily in their phone and laptops, no amount of space seems to be enough. If you want to free up space in Windows 10, there is a good news for you. Microsoft has launched a new feature called Storage Sense which deletes data that is of no use, thus creating free space in Windows 10. No one wants the junk and temporary files data. But you will be flabbergasted to know that you most of the RAM and hard disk are consumed by temporary files which are installed automatically by the system when we use internet, apps and software.

Free Up Space in Windows 10 using Storage Sense

Windows 10 Storage Sense deletes temporary files first to the Recycle bin and then removes these files from the bin after 30 days. So you still have 30 days to recover the junk in case you feel there is something important in it.

Storage Sense feature in Windows 10 to free up space in Windows 10 is not enabled by default, rather you will have to enable it by yourself. Here is how to enable Storage Sense in Windows 10.

Launch Settings in Windows 10 and then go to “System” and then select  ‘Storage’ and below the Local Storage section, you will see a switch for ‘Storage Sense’. Turn it on to enable Storage Sense.

system free up space 1

There is also a nice option using which you can block Storage Sense from deleting data from Recycle Bin. In this way, you can review all the deleted data in the bin and then delete it manually, minimizing the chances of losing your data. In order to enable this option, click on ‘Change how we free up space’ under the Storage Sense switch and you will see another page on which you can enable or disable the deletion of data from the recycle bin. You can also force Windows 10 to run Storage Sense and free up any and all space it can by clicking the ‘Clean now’ button on this screen.

free up space 2

When you click on the “Clean Now” option, the system will at once scan for the junk and temporary files and will delete them from the system. This option can be used if you are really running out of space and want to free up space in Windows 10 on emergency basis.

Windows 10 Storage Sense feature is available for Insider Preview Build 15014 for now. One thing which I didn’t like about the feature is the lack of the ability to customize apps for which the system would delete files. Some apps create a lot of junk and temporary files compared to others. But let’s hope Microsoft adds this feature in the future updates.


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