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Free Spins Casino Bonuses: What Is It And How To Use This Offer


When you register in an online casino, you will be likely to receive free spins as a welcome gift. From this article, you will get to know the essence of this bonus and will learn how to use it.

Free spins are one of the most popular types of bonuses in online casinos. They enable gamblers to play slots for free, without putting their real savings at stake. In this article, we will analyze why casinos distribute this gift among their customers and how to make the most of it.

How to Get Free Spins

Free spins casino bonuses are normally distributed in one of the following ways.

  • As a welcome bonus
  • As a reward for achieving a new level in the loyalty program
  • As a prize in a tournament
  • As an individual bonus
  • As a bonus level in a slot machine

Welcome bonuses in online casinos fall into two categories: deposit or no-deposit. Free spins can be a part of any of them. If the platform offers a no-deposit bonus, you receive free spins for the mere fact of registration.

Usually, you need to use these free spins immediately after you sign up for the system. Sometimes, the casino would distribute them over several days. For example, it gives you 100 free spins — but you have only 4 days to use them and each day, you can use only 25 spins. Thanks to this bonus, you develop a habit of coming back to the gambling platform every day.

Most free spins have a wager. Wagerless gifts are very rare. The wagering coefficient is considered reasonable if it is x30 or less. This means, to be allowed to withdraw the prize, you will need to win 30 times more than the sum that the platform gives you. If the wager is x35 or higher, you might consider rejecting the bonus. Casinos always give their customers freedom of choice. Players can either accept a promotion or decline it. Seasoned gamblers typically reject the offer if the wager is high and the validity time of the bonus is limited. They realize that it would be impossible to win the necessary sum that quickly.

You will not be able to apply free spins to any game you fancy. You will be allowed to use them only for selected slots. The casino will recommend you only the best and the most popular games. The logic of the administration is simple: if many people love a certain machine, you will be likely to appreciate it too. This means you will come back to the platform to launch it once again!

Many slots feature in-built free spins. To access them, you need to compile a certain winning combination on the grid. The in-built free spins do not depend on the casino’s administration. It was the developer of the game who added them there. You should use such spins as soon as you receive them. Some games allow players to retrigger free spins sessions several times in a row.

What Is the Difference Between Free Spins and the Free Trial Mode

Many gambling platforms today allow their newbies to train for free first. In this case, the games will be functioning as usual. Their rules, algorithms, RTP, and volatility will remain the same. But if the client loses, they will not need to pay. And if they win, they will receive virtual coins that they will not be able to cash out or exchange for other perks.

The free trial mode enables newbies to gain experience and become more confident. They will explore the functionality of the games and, if possible, compile a winning strategy. Some casinos limit the trial mode to a certain period or a fixed number of spins. Others install no limits.

Free spins that the customer receives as a bonus are normally very scarce. Only the welcome bonus might contain a few dozens of free spins. But, unlike the trial mode, they allow the gambler to earn real cash. The player will be able to withdraw the money that they won thanks to free spins just as smoothly as all the other winnings. Of course, they will need to wager these funds before the withdrawal.

Free spins are available only to those players who have an account on the platform. As for the free demo mode, in some casinos, you might not need to register. You just open the game in your usual browser and watch how it works. But many other projects would ask you to sign in before testing their games at no cost.

In a nutshell, with free spins, you risk more — but you have a chance to win real cash. With the free trial mode, you lose nothing — and you earn nothing.


Free spins spice up the gameplay and let gamblers cut down their expenses. Most likely, you will get them as a welcome bonus when signing up for a casino. But you should accept these free spins only if their conditions are favorable.

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