The free Windows 10 Android emulator Nox now supports Google Play Store

nova android emulator

Nox, the free Windows 10 Android emulator has rolled out a new update. The update now comes with support for Google Play Store. The latest Nox app (version comes with many new features and improvement; other than the support for Play Store.

Nox joins the short list of Android emulators that fully support Google Play Store. That means you can install and run all your Android apps on your PC or Mac. You will also get the periodic updates as they are released on the Play Store. This development improves your security, privacy, and smooth running of the Android apps you will be running on the emulator on your computer. Other features that come with the update, include:

Improved macro recording

Improved batch export and import

Moving the emulator’s data to a new location on your hard disk

Back and Home commands now added to the macro button

Fix for known bugs and system optimized for better performance

The right mouse button to zoom fix in Battle Royal and RPG games

To get the latest version of the Nox emulator for Windows 10, head on to their official site here. FYI: If you run the Nox and get a BSOD, it might mean there is a conflict with the Hyper-V. To fix the problem, go to Control Panel and disable the Hyper-V. You should be able to run Nox with no issues.

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