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Freebies: Get myTube, a YouTube app for Windows 10 & Xbox One for free only for next 4 Days

by Felix Omondi

There is an exciting promotion going on at Microsoft Store you should know about. myTube, a popular third-party YouTube app is going for free. A premium app, which for the next four days will be available for downloads at no cost at all.

myTube has grown particularly popular among Windows 10 users who like watching  YouTube videos on their tablet, Xbox One console, and computers. Well, even the ‘now defunct’ Windows 10 Mobile Windows phones.

The app fills a very important void; there is no official YouTube app availed for Windows Phone. At least not anymore, given its market share compared to Android and iOS is negligible; and that is what developers have been doing. Neglecting Windows Phone mobile platform.

myTube allows you to log into your YouTube account and the videos load pretty fast; subject to your internet connection speed of course. Once you are on your YouTube account, it also means all your subscribed channels, search, and viewing history will follow you onto the myTube platform. The app even allows you to upload your videos.

The app also comes with an interesting feature that makes myTube fade into the background while playing, so that you can better read the comments. You can also do a whole load of thing on the app while continuing to watch a faded version of the video. That includes browsing channels and videos. You can also put the entire app in the background and have just the audio play as you use other apps on your phone.

On typical days the app cost $0.99, but over the next four days, you can grab it completely free of charge.

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