French Fries Increase Risk of Cancer and Diabetes, Claims Studies

French Fries Increase Risk of Cancer and Diabetes, Claims Studies

Okay I have got some bad news for you; those French fries that we all love to eat can cause more than just adding a few pounds.

FDA has announced recently that the well done and crispy French Fries may contain acrylamide; which is a well known carcinogen that has caused cancer in animal when they are given high doses of this compound. This is not without good news because FDA has cleared the pale and non-crispy fries, then again that is not much of one considering that nobody seems to want those.

Fast food restaurants have burgers and fries as their main attractions. A study in the Journal Lancet also concluded that those that eat these types of food, aka French fries, more than two times a week gained extra ten pounds over 15 years of study of 3,000 young adults. French fries and other fast food also double the risk of insulin resistance which could result in type 2 diabetes.

The studies on the cancer front is not really conclusive as Katherine Wilson, an epidemiologist from Harvard, states that the link between acrylamide from French fries and cancer has yet to be established in humans.

Now the concern on the diabetes front is very legitimate, but all is not lost folks. French fries have a high glycemic index which tells us about the spikes of blood sugar level, but if you take them with foods that have low glycemic index you can pretty much neutralize the effects.

Still the best course of action here seems to be laying off the French fries.

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