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‘Frequency’ Tells You How Much Time You Spend On a Specific Mobile App

by Fahad Saleem

‘Frequency’ Tells You How Much Time You Spend On a Specific Mobile App

frequencyHave you ever wondered how much time you spend on a specific application? If so, Frequency is the app for you. Frequency keeps a track of the amount of time you spend on using an application.

If what you want is to limit the time you spend on an app or if you want to keep track of your data package by calculating how much time you spend on a certain app, Frequency is the best choice to evaluate time and money on mobile.

Frequency keeps track of the applications you use and lets you see them in a list along with how much time you have spent using them. Frequency has many customizable applications which let you see how much you have used the app in a given period of time. These periods of  time range from today, three days, the past week, the past month, the past three months, a year to always. You also have an option for selecting the apps for special monitoring. Usually, by default, the app only tells you about applications you have used in the time frame you have set but you can also alter it according to your needs.

The basic version of the Frequency App is free, but you can purchase a Pro version. This version is ad-free and contains more features than the basic version such as the application automatically starting up when you start your phone rather than you having to go and start it up manually when you need to use it. The pro version also enables you to change the frequency at which app usage is checked from the default option of a mere 30 seconds.

All in all, this application is very useful if you are conscious of how much time you spend using your mobile phone and want to divert your attentions towards something that is more creative or productive. The app is available of Google play store.

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