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Future Huawei phones will not have Google Apps but will run all other Android Apps just fine

huawei hongmeng

Huawei has found itself in a ‘bit of a pickle’ by relying solely on Google App Store as the main source of Android apps running on its device. However, to be fair, that is not the company’s own fault but rather Google using its power over the internet to dominate the market.

This concern has been addressed by many economic block regulators, especially in the European Union. Where both Google and Apple have been called to defend their Play Store and App Store respectively. The two companies claim that developers have been able to make money conveniently off their respective app stores. At the same time, consumers have been protected through cybersecurity mechanisms each of the company has placed on their respective app stores.

Well, Huawei is good as kicked out of the Play Store albeit a temporary court order gave them a three month grace period. However, when that graze period expires, Huawei devices will no longer be able to access the Play Store among other Google proprietary digital assets.

Huawei has for a long time been anticipating such a move, given the trade wars ignited by the Trump administration against China. For some in the company, it was a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.’

The company has been working on its own mobile operating system and unconfirmed report point to it being called either the Huawei OS or HongMeng OS. It will be based on AOSP, a fork of the stock Android OS.

The OS will be able to run all apps developed to run on Android. That means that the Huawei ban by Google should have little effect on the company. Provided, Huawei somehow manages to convince users to use other alternatives to Google’s proprietary apps and services such as Gmail, search engine, YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome among others.

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