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Future Tech Girls An Initiative By Empiric To Place More Women In Tech

When you look at the tech space in the UK, there are about 1.46 million people making a living out of the technology space. Sadly only 17 percent of these people are women, something that goes further to prove just how much underrepresented women are in tech.

As a measure to balance this gender imbalance within the tech space, Empiric has borne the Future Tech Girls initiative. An initiative aimed at sustainably and strategically increasing the number of women within the tech space. Future Tech Girls plans to do so by securing meaningful tech work experience for girls.

The program meets young women taking ICT and Computing at GCSE level, and creates a support group where they can get encouragement, mentorship and network. The organization has also established that there are a lot of girls who are passionate about ICT, and with the right guidance the more girls could pursue education and careers in ICT.

There are also those who are not as thrilled about careers in ICT space, and this is largely due to the fact that they are unaware of the opportunities presented by ICT. There are also those discouraging misconceptions that ICT is all about coding, something that is not particularly appealing to some of these girls.

Future Tech Girls seeks to set right all the wrong notions about ICT education and career paths that are discouraging girls from plunging into the tech space. In addition to nurturing the young girls’ passion in ICT, and encourage them to overcome challenges in their career paths.

The program also invests and continually interacts with girls taking ICT and strives to build strong relationship and network with school across London, women in tech, working groups and other bodies operation within the tech space. They also assists the growth of women working in the tech space by facilitating meaningful work experience through placements at various tech companies.

Future Tech efforts are in line with the rising awareness by many companies that diversity needs to be established in the workplace. Not just for the sake of public relations, but it also leads to better productivity; people from different background bring different perspective to the table.

Thus a lot of companies are increasingly recognizing the value of gender diversity at the workplace, and hiring more women is one of the tactical solutions for companies. However, often this occurs in the form of shifting talent from one company to another without any tangible long term impact. Future Tech Girls can connect these companies with fresh new talents in as far as hiring qualified women techies is concerned.

For more information about this organization, follow this link.

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