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Gambling Superstitions that Many Players Trust


All forms of gambling are associated with luck. And to make sure that luck is on their side, many gamblers go to great lengths. Some are completely open about their superstition, while others never admit to being influenced by such things. One way or another, a significant percentage of players are superstitious in some way.

Superstition is especially prevalent among casino players; it is perhaps because more luck is required in a $1 deposit casino Australia than in many other forms of gambling. And there are many things that in some way affect whether the players are lucky or not. And many people at some level believe that their superstitions are true or can change their luck. So here are the most popular superstitions that the majority of gamblers trust.

#1 — Lucky/Unlucky Numbers

Thirteen is considered a very unfortunate number in general, not just in gambling. There are several examples of this; for example, Friday the 13th is considered a bad day. Indeed, the fear of the number 13 is a recognized phobia. From a casino point of view, gamblers often avoid anything related to the number 13. The casinos themselves are well aware of this superstition, and it’s not uncommon for large casinos to miss 13 when marking their floors, jumping straight from 12 to 14. On the other hand, many consider 7 to be a very lucky number.

#2 — Good/Bad Colors

Just like it is with numbers, colors are often considered a sign of good or bad luck. Many people think that black is bad luck because of its close association with death. On the contrary, red is often considered a very successful color. This is especially true when it comes to Chinese culture; thus, many Chinese gamblers make sure to wear red when gambling. This is one of the common gambling superstitions in China.

#3 — Counting Money

This sign is familiar to experienced fishermen, who know that counting their catch while fishing is not a good thing. Experienced casino players also know that you should never count money while sitting at a table. This superstition has its roots in early gambling in Europe, where it was not customary to count chips while playing blackjack. Counting your winnings was then considered not just bad luck but also crude manners.

#4 — Itchy Hands

In some European countries, it is generally accepted that itchy hands bode badly. However, in Serbia, itching is considered a good omen. Other similar signs may say that an itchy left hand is a sign of an imminent loss of money, but if your right hand itches, this may indicate an upcoming win.

#5 — Whistle and Crossed Legs

The belief that whistling would result in loss of money is associated with British sailors, who believed that whistling attracted strong winds. As for crossed legs, this habit is also considered unsuccessful when gambling, unlike crossed fingers. The meaning of this sign is unknown, but this does not deprive it of its popularity among players.

To Believe Superstitions or Not to Believe

Of course, this article is not a complete list of superstitions that many beginners are guided by in gambling. For those who believe in omens, everything is important: the style and color of clothes they wear, people around them, the day of the week, the day of the month, objects on the table, the weather, and much more. None of these signs have been proven to be effective, although they can be helpful in terms of mental health and self-confidence.

At the same time, if a player follows the signs but doesn’t win anything, one may become even more disappointed and depressed. It is worth saying that people prone to strong emotions should not gamble at all. It is better for them to limit themselves to the free game mode in order to not expose themselves to the danger of gambling addiction, nervous breakdowns, and other troubles. This is especially true for those who have never played and have just decided to try their hand. The transition to real bets is not always worth making if the emotional background of a person is unstable. But you should be attentive to yourself and not to any gambling superstitions.

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