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Game Mania launches in Kenya giving Gamblers a Gambling Casino right inside their pockets

Since the advent of SportsPesa, a betting platform where gamblers can bet of various sports teams wins and losses, betting has become quite popular in Kenya. So much so that, you find slot machines can be found in virtually all neighborhoods; urban or rural notwithstanding.

Now, Rambo Resource Ltd. has launched a mobile app, Game Mania, which gives gamblers access to a virtual and mobile casino right inside their smartphones. Game Mania becomes the first ever casino mobile app launched by a Kenyan firm and fully licensed by the country’s Betting Control and Licensing Board.

The app is currently available on Android devices, which makes up the lion’s share of the smartphones market in Kenya. The virtual mobile-app based slot machines come in variants of a Fruit Slots Machine, Baccarat, and Big Wheel Spins. It also has a virtual casino, where gamblers can place their bet and if ‘Lady Luck’ is on their side, they get paid via their mobile money wallet, M-Pesa instantly.

The integration of Game Mania and mobile money wallet M-Pesa is an innovative idea that will enrich gamblers experience and make topping up and withdrawing their gains and losses a seamless process.

Game Mania has an edge over other betting platforms, in the sense that they have been able to integrate their mobile app with mobile money wallet. Its competitors only have mobile sites and not mobile apps, and that is because Google and Apple App Store have kicked out other betting apps from their app store.

Game Mania is thus the first gambling app; gamblers can play and top up or get paid in their local currency (Kenyan Shillings).

Game Mania COO, Peter Gitau said, “Game Mania is the only online casino game for Kenyan Shillings, and that makes it unique among other virtual coins or foreign currency cash casino apps. Players can totally trust us.”

Game Mania gives every new user a test drive of the gambling experience on the platform, by giving every new player a deposit of Ksh. 50, which they can cash out before they start gambling with their money. Bets start from as low as Ksh. 1.

To download the app, click here.

Milicent Atieno

Proud Kenyan Citizen, loving everything Tech related.

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