Game Review: Infamous Second Son (ISS)

Game Review: Infamous Second Son (ISS)

PS4 exclusive games have been a rarity in the recent times with nearly five months since the last one was released. But now we can get our hands on a new one that turns out to be the perfect showcase for the Sony’s new (ish) console. Even though it may not be a system seller for the PS4 like Titanfall for the Xbox one but it is much better than the previous exclusive releases of PS4.

Main Character and Sound

The developer isn’t calling it a reboot, but a similar gameplay suggests otherwise. The main elements of the gameplay remain the same including the scrolling across the city. Colin and his lightning powers aren’t there as we have a new protagonist Delsin Rowe who is much younger. He is in his twenties, casually dressed and the member of a Native American Akomish tribe. Troy Baker voices for Delsin and pulls off an amazing job with the kind of roguish charm that the previous character didn’t have. The voices of other characters are impressive too, so a good score on the sound.

Story and Gameplay

The stories are somehow related as seven years after the breakdown in New Moralis. The Department of Unified Protection (DUP) is still looking for bio-terrorists and chasing them around. Delsin is unfazed by the whole scenario until his life is changed and he can absorb the powers of the conduits. It propels him to help the people with his powers and in the process acquire more to enhance his superiority. They include Neon, smoke and a lot others which you really have to play to get to know about.

Powers are to be tried and get used to. Delsin also needs to get into the surveillance drones data to beat the DUP. You’ll also get upgrades on your powers and choose the heroic or the Ruthless path. The morality of your decisions is crucial to the path you are following. Both are equally absorbing experiences. You can also have fun in the city with a truly interactive environment. Game time is around 10-11 hours.


The PS4 has exceptional graphic capabilities and they are showcased in this game. The developers are also the first ones to fully utilize the new shock4 controller. The pixel detailing and the shading is as good as it gets so a huge nod in this category.


In simple words, ISS is what a great game of PS4 should look like.  The graphics, sound and gameplay are phenomenal although the morality needs some work but it’s a big city to destroy anyway so it’s a must buy for all PS4 lovers.

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