Gemalto to fit Microsoft Surface Pro with eSIM cards

Gemalto to fit Microsoft Surface Pro with eSIM cards

Gemalto has been selected to supply the eSIM (embedded SIM) for the Microsoft Surface Pro; they come with support for LTE Advanced.

The partnership between Microsoft and Gemalto will enable Surface devices to become the first line of PCs with fully integrated embedded SIM in the Windows ecosystem. With the Gemalto technology, Surface Pro user will be able to activate mobile data subscription with the LTE Advanced connection speed.

Gemalto already has a long-running experience with remote subscription management solutions in partnership with Windows 10. Surface Pro owners will expect advanced mobile LTE Advanced connectivity, and with Gemalto’s eSIM solution, it will be possible to have that connection right out-of-the-box. That will also include the ability to purchase cellular data for the device.

Paul Bischof, the Director of Devices Program Management at Microsoft said, “The Surface Pro has redefined the laptop category. Gemalto’s eSIM solution is helping us to materialize our vision of an uncompromised customer experience.”

The Gemalto’s eSIM is fully integrated with Windows 10 and complaint with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning Specifications. Gemalto will have complete servicing model that will allow them to issue patch whenever necessary as well as maintain lifecycle management of the features.

Sherry Zameer, the VP IoT for CISMEA region at Gemalto said: “Adoption of eSIM technology is growing rapidly. Mobile operators recognize the potential of seamless connectivity and increased convenience as a way of expanding their customer reach to additional devices. We are at the beginning of a significant technology transformation, and the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced represents the start.”

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