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Genee: Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant That Schedules Meetings, Automate Tasks and Much More

by Fahad Saleem

With the cataclysmic and explosive business explosion around the world, personal assistance is becoming a complete, full-fledged task, which requires skills, effort, time and management. Business leaders around the world are in a dire need of smart virtual assistants, who can schedule everything for them. CEOs, executives, leaders don’t have enough time to prod into each and every detail; meetings are vital for them, each and every minutes counts. So far, virtual assistance field was untouched, but Artificial Intelligence has tapped into this area as well to revolutionize it to the core. Meet Genee, a new artificially intelligent scheduling app which takes the need of a human personal assistant out of the equation.

Genie works on apparently simple, but highly ambitious idea. You will let Genee to take over your emails and other business apps, and it will do all the scheduling, adjustments, meeting settings for you; this would all be based on the data which it would fetch from your emails and other communication with other parties.

This idea comes with a myriad of challenges. Human language is rife with slang. We mostly like to shorten things up. How would Genee be able to learn everything and schedule based on the words? Genee co-founders, Charles Lee and Ben Cheung, say that more than 10,000 beta users were inculcated in this project to refine and tweak the algorithm. Genee is smart enough to understand the very deep ideas, subtle directions. It has evolved drastically over the period of time and could tackle all the language processing challenges.

genee virtual assitant app 1

genee virtual assitant app 2

Genee is launched as a beta version for now. It works more efficiently if both parties are using it. Integration Genee with calendar and email is a perquisite to use it, otherwise the back-end algorithm would not be able to fetch the very basic data needed for scheduling.

genee 5

You can schedule a meeting with one tap. Genee scans all over the calendar and allocates the best spot for a meeting. If you want to reschedule a meeting, just a one tap will trigger a message to the other parties and they will be notified that you have rescheduled the meeting along with the new time and place.

Genee is a useful and unique addition to the realm of productivity apps, especially in the modern business and tech canvas.

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