Get Best Emoticons for iPhone To Make Texting More Fun (Download Links)

Get Best Emoticons for iPhone To Make Texting More Fun (Download Links)

Emoticons come to your rescue when you are running out of words while texting your friends. This article will describe some of the best emoticons for iPhone which will give flavor and taste to your words while texting. You will be able to show your emotions and expressions with the help of emoticons. The emoticons can be used throughout the iOS when the keyboard pops up.

Best Emoticons for iPhone

Animated 3D Emoji

This tool offers 460 well crafted emoticons for making your conversation interesting. You can use these icons in emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, text messages and MMS. You will certainly enjoy the fantastic 3D work.

Emoji 2 Emoticon Art Free

You can now break away the routine of sending one emoji at a time. These emoticons are not just the combination of texts, but involve some special characters also. Even a single picture might depict a lot of messages.

Emoji Free Emoticon Keyboard

This is a wonderful app that allows you to have versatile emoticons while using Whatsapp, Facebook, or other texting apps. You may drop emoticons anywhere you are allowed to use the keyboard. You will appreciate the huge collection of 500 interesting emoticons.

Emoji 😉

It is an amazing piece of artwork from the developers. This app costs $0.99, but offers splendid collection of emoticons. It also provides the option of using 25 different fonts. It only carries one problem that you might not be able to search through the pool of emoticons.

Emoji for iOS 8

If you are sticking to your old iOS 5 and don’t want to upgrade, this app will bring some flavors of iOS 8 in the form of cool emoticons. This is a free application that contains 15 categories of emoji art pieces. One picture is made from a combination of icons. You may also use the fancy fonts for entering words in stylish ways.

XEmoji 2

This is a wonderful app that is quite popular in Japan. This app costs you $0.99, and is spreading the rage all over the globe now. You will also get the description of the emotions available in the set.


With the help of the best emoticons for iPhone, your way of expressing your message to others, will certainly improve. You will appreciate the style and elegance of the icons, smileys, fonts, and funny pictures used in the emoticons.

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