How to get Bixby on older Samsung Smartphones

SPRINGFIELD, NJ - JULY 30: A consumer enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone at The Samsung Experience at the PGA Championship 2016 at Baltusrol Golf Club on July 30, 2016 in Springfield, New Jersey.

It seems AI-Powered digital assistants is all the craze right now. Samsung is the latest tech company to release their digital assistant, Bixby. Although this is a second digital assistant by the South Korean tech giant; their first attempt was S-Voice, and it was far from being any good.

We are now assuming Samsung has learned where it went wrong with S-Voice and has overcome those challenges with Bixby. If the reports going around the internet are anything to go by, I would say Samsung has outdone itself with Bixby, and this second attempt is for keeps.

As you might already know, the AI-Powered Samsung’s digital assistant is currently only available on its flagship devices; the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. That is to say, if you want to use it, you must buy the S8 or S8+ smartphones at their premium price, or do you?

Well, there might be a hack that could allow you to get Bixby on your older Samsung smartphone. According to the gurus at the XDA Forums, you can hack Bixby into your older Samsung smartphone following the steps below:

Ø Get your older Samsung device running Android Nougat.

Ø Install Galaxy S8 launcher on the device.

Ø Sideload the APK from here or here.

Ø Long press the home screen to open the Galaxy S8 launcher.

Ø From the launcher, activate Bixby

Ø Restart your device

Ø By swiping from the left, you should find Bixby up and running

Before you run off to doing what XDA Forums has said, remember there is always some risks involved with these hacks not approved by OEMs. The procedure could damage your device, open up security holes in the system, or void your warranty if you still under one, among many other concerns.

More information on this hack, go over to the XDA Forums site.

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