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How To Get Free Email Lists And Leads With Social Media Contests

by Fahad Saleem
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How To Get Free Email Lists And Leads With Social Media Contests

Email lead generation is one of the best ways to enhance your business links. In this article, we will show you how to generate email leads by connecting with social media.

Use a 3rd Party Contest App

To generate email leads; using a 3rd party app, makes your job much easier. Contest apps, like Wishpond’s, enable you to assemble entrants’ emails, sorting mails, and even export them. Also, it lets you collect this information like contestants’ birthday, likes and his location etc.

Email-Gate Your Social Contests

To get some emails, you have to ask for it. By creating an email-gated contest, entrants have to submit their forms in order to take part in the email.

Make your Contests Enticing to Enter

Contests and sweepstakes are good motivators to inspire future consumers to give you their email. To enhance email generating leads, create contests that are attractive and engage the people for market purposes. In this hugely successful Twitter contest example from Diamond Candles, over 8,000 contestants entered to win their giveaway of popular candles. Create contests that synchronize with your consumers mind and your email leads will grow.


 get free email lists

Collect Facebook Open-Graph Data

In addition collecting entrant’s emails, you can collect much targeted customer’s information. If you are using Facebook, the contestant is asked to allow that particular app to access the profile information.  You are then able to collect this into your email database system.

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Export Emails and Follow-up

Not all contest apps are created on same basis. Some of the better apps, like Wishpond’s (worth mentioning) make exporting all your email data. After your contest is complete, you have to follow some simple steps to export your email list.

Incentivize Voting

If you are motivating others to share their mails by giving them greed of prize, you’re missing out on a big source of leads i.e. your voters. To capture voter leads, add additional tab asking for users to register their mails and in return giving them some prize money or whatever. Voters are mostly engaged in such tasks if you offer some bonus. And you will inform them that they will get a plus point if they cast a vote too.

Give Bonus Entries to Get Social Shares

“Thanks for entering! Now share this with your friends!”

A blunder advertisers make at this step is “LIKING “their app or sharing it with others. Entering the contest is just half the battle and the next half is the promotion. People usually do not share the app ultimately increasing chances of losing. Sharing that’s beneficial for both sides is even better. Also keep there an option that if someone shares your post then put some extra points for such person. So more the publicity and promotion you can make to make aware people about your app, the more users you get.

get free email lists



Generating email leads through social media contests is an efficient way to enhance your sales potential. Because your email list is a commodity you own, you must demand the registration of email for entering the contest. These are some simple and applicable tips which can generate more entries from your social media contests and some additional emails for your list.

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