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Get Genuine Free Instagram Followers and Likes Quickly Without Following People

by Fahad Saleem

How To Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes Quickly Without Following People

Instagram has more than 300 million monthly active users, more than Twitter and various other social media platform. Instagram is used by 75 million people daily, who post videos, photos and other content. Thousands of small businesses and individuals use Instagram and it is the primary platform being used to target the millennials, which are the backbone of the contemporary sales and marketing. How to get free followers on Instagram is a hot question. Individuals, businesses are looking to fuel up their business efforts on Instagram. A massive following on Instagram can give you huge sales.

There are plenty of ways to get free followers on Instagram without following people, but if you ask me honestly, there is one single way which is to be followed to get to the goal, which is genuine content and some kick-ass targetting strategies. I will never recommend free like farms and automated software to get free followers on Instagram because they do more harm than good. They kill your brand and engagement. Here are some key ways you can get thousands of free followers on Instagram for free.

 Get Free Followers on Instagram Without Following People

Stick to a Niche

Seriously, being the jack of all trades is no longer liked, especially in business. Target a niche and stick to it; be an authority over it. This way, you will have a clear goal, field and domain to look forward to. For example, there is a super famous Instagram account related to an adorable dog ‘Tuna’. It has now 850,000 followers. The person who made this account is the owner of the dog. Now she is monetizing the account by creating T-shirts of Tuna. She posts everything related to Tuna and nothing else.

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If you are a good artist, traveler, tech geek or even a slacker, target your interest. Just pick something you are good at and fixate all your account posting around it. Trust me, people will manually open your account to get the content.

Post Regular and Smart Content

Scheduling smartly is the key. If you do a flurry of post in a day and then disappear for the rest of the week, you will not free Instagram followers for free without following people.

 Use Research Tools Before Posting

You each post must be curated smartly. For that, research is the key. Instagram works on Hashtags. You must have seen people frantically writing hashtags with their Instagram posts. You have to target the hottest hashtags trending on Instagram. You must plan hashtags to target daily. For that, you can take help from Websta Tool. This tool shows the trending areas you should target in your posts.

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Don’t overuse hashtags

But remember that don’t bombard your posts with hashtags. This is the sign of a beginner Instagrammer. Have a look at this famous account and post. She used only two hashtags and got thousands of likes and engagement. Because the content and photo you are posting is the key factor, nothing else.

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 Don’t Post Sunsets and Coffee Pics! Be Different

Please understand that no one likes to see random sunsets and photos of your mocha coffee. No one is interested in your nails either. Post something that could get attention. Post something different. This will make you stand out in the millions of other users.

Use Geo-Tagging Feature

You must use Geo-tagging feature of Instagram while posting. This feature will allow the users in your vicinity to search the posts. In this way, you can get a targeted audience to your posts.

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Use Photo Editing Tools in Instagram

As photos are the cardinal content aspect in Instagram, make sure that they are perfect. You should use light editing apps before posting photos to Instagram. This would help you get free followers on Instagram without following people. Afterlight, VSCO CAM, Snapseed are some of the useful Instagram photo editing apps.

 Get Featured and Take Help From Other Platforms

If you have successfully followed the above tips and set your account, don’t expect that you will get free Instagram followers without following people overnight. Perhaps the best way to grow your account followers is to get featured on Instagram’s blog, suggested users list and ‘Explore’ page. But a very few fortunate ones get there. To tackle this problem, you must use platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Stumble Upon and famous blogs. Expand your outreach. Once you get a click on these places, your following will grow explosively. When people will follow you drastically, Instagram takes note of this thing and features the account instantly on their blog.


These were some of the best ways to get free followers on Instagram without following people. These strategies will give you genuine followers, and will make your brand and business go up within days.

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