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Get Google Now: How To Use Google Now [Complete Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Get Google Now: How To Use Google Now [Complete Guide]

Google Now is Google’s virtual assistant which is very popular because of its great learning capabilities. A lot of users have asked us about Google Now, how to use Google Now and how to get Google Now on their mobile devices. If you are a person who is indulged in a lot of tasks daily; daily chores; calls; assignments, and forget to manage your commitments and deadlines, Google Now is the best option for you. It shows you information, reminds you of tasks just at the right time. How? Because Google Now works 24/7 at the back end of your device and uses Google’s best algorithms to learn your habits. If you want to use Google Now smartly, you must enable it all the time and let it learn. With the passage of time, it will become your best friend. You could ask it questions, it will remind you about calls, weather, friends’ birthdays and all the stuff you need to get going. You can get Google Now easily in Android, iPhone and desktop.

Get, Download, Enable Google Now

Enable Google Now in iPhone

You can get Google Now on iPhone by downloading this standalone app. This app would be installed in your iPhone and you could start playing around, settings and using Google Now.

Enable Google Now in Android

For Android users, there are plenty of options on how to enable Google Now. Just tap the Google Search bar on your Home Screen and Google Now will be launched. Or you can go ‘Ok, Google’ if the voice is on and it will be enabled. You can also Press and Hold the Center ‘Home’ Button of your phone to enable Google Now. You can also install and Get Google Now by downloading and installing Google Now Launcher app, specially designed for non-Vanilla devices . The people having LG, Huawei, Xiaomi and other devices can use this app as well.

 Setting Up Google Now

Download Google Now and install in your phone. After the launch, you will be prompted with a welcome screen, tap ‘Next’.

The app will ask you to get access to ‘Location History’. You must allow the access because this is the key part for the app to learn and suggest things.

 get google now 3

You will now see a list of ‘Cards’ like weather, sports, TV etc. You can go to Settings to change just about anything. You can also change web history tracking and location settings.

get google now 4

You can go to each card and make settings of your own. This is the best way to use Google Now. For example, in the Movies card, tell Google Now what movies you are interested in, do you want to get notifications of upcoming Movies etc. Once you do all that, you will start getting recommendations about movies.

get google now 2

Use Voice Commands for Instant Answers and Productivity

How to use Google Now cannot go answered without the mentioned of Voice commands. You can get Google Now voice commands and other commands in your phone easily and get answers in seconds. For example, you can ask Google Now about ‘What time is it in London’, or any place, and it will give you an answer. You can ask about songs; you can tell Google Now to Wake you up in an hour or after four hours and it will be up for the job.

get google now 1

The best way to Use Google Now is to Get Google Now in your device and give it time to learn. Just like friends, Google Now takes a little bit of time and then it’s all yours.

Image Source: Digital Trends, Android Central, Engadget

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