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How To Get The Most Hours Out Of Your iPhone Battery On A Single Charge

by Felix Omondi
How To Get The Most Hours Out Of Your iPhone Battery On A Single Charge

Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi raised many eyebrows when he apparently debunked the popular belief that by quitting background apps on iPhones, users would conserve their battery power.

In a nutshell here the explanation! Imagine if you were to turn off your car’s engine at every stop sign, then turn it back on when it is time to move along. Here is what happens; first you waste time in turning the engine back on again and get the car moving and secondly, (most importantly) your engine would consume a little extra fuel to get started. So this act of turning your engine off and on again within a short span of time to save fuel is actually consuming more fuel.

Although new car models work differently from as described above. However, the analogy remains nonetheless true when it comes to iPhone users quitting background apps in the name of saving battery power. What you are essentially doing is depleting the battery faster, given every time you start the app again, it is going to consume extra energy to get started again; the app will need to restore connections, launch processes and get things started from scratch.

How to extend iPhone’s Battery Life

Now that we’ve heard from the horse’s mouth that quitting background apps on your iPhone does not help conserve battery power, what does? Well, below we have seven tricks that will see you get the most hours out of your iPhone’s battery on a single charge:

1. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: This is a no-brainer! Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (radio communication) consume power and turning them off when not needed, will obviously save your battery power.

2. Say Goodbye to Siri: The gist of having an iPhone is the ability to say “Hey Siri” and your own personal digital assistant rise to the occasion to fulfill your wish. However, that ability to summon Siri using “Hey Siri” does have a great impact on your battery. You are better off disabling the feature and using the home button to invoke You can deselect Allow ‘Hey Siri’ from General setting > Siri.

3. Enable Lower Power Mode: Debuted on iOS 9, iPhone now has a god-sent ‘Low Power Mode’ that automatically disables ‘Hey Siri’, mail fetch and some visual effects. All to help you max out the hours from your iPhone battery on a single charge. While ‘Lower Power Mode’ is turned on, you still get to receive you calls and messages. By default, when your battery level hit below 20% it will automatically switch to ‘Low Power Mode’, but you can always turn it on manually.

4. Enable Airplane Mode: This measure is an exceptional one when you want to make sure you get enough juice for that critical phone call or get the chance to reply to that important email or SMS. Airplane Mode will shut down all cellular activity, and your iPhone will stop all its pinging, searching and requesting and essentially becomes a fancy iPod touch. You can still play offline games and music stored on your phone, but this would not be advisable as they will drain your battery fast.

5. Kill all Power Hungry Apps: Go to Battery setting and look at all the apps and how much power they consume. If you spot one that unusually consumes much power, and you are certain, you don’t use it that frequently. It is advisable you kill such apps. You can check the app’s power usage consistently after every seven days and if the problem persists and it is an app you use less often. It is advisable you uninstall it all together.

6. Switch off Location Services: If you want a more targeted experience, or allow apps to pinpoint your exact location. Then the Location Services is a useful feature, but one that drains your battery faster. So when you are no longer in need of the service, turning the feature off will go a long way in preserving your battery.

7. Turn off Push-Notifications: You probably use mobile apps as opposed to their web version. These apps are constantly refreshed and send out notifications. If you really don’t need the up-to-the-minute updates, it would be best to turn off the push notifications. The usual culprit apps for push notifications are Email, Facebook and Calendar apps.

The above are seven simple hacks that will see you squeeze the most hours out of your iPhone’s battery on a single charge. If you got more tricks up your sleeve, please feel free to share them down in the comments section.

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