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Get iOS7 Photo Booth App on iPhone Or iPad Touch

Get iOS7 Photo Booth App on iPhone Or iPad Touch

Photo Booth is one of the most famous photo editing apps used by iOS users worldwide. There have been many camera replacement and photo editors seeking to emulate the Photo Booth app on a number of platforms, but all have been in vain. Since Apple doesn’t provide Photo Booth for the iPhones, apps developers have been working tirelessly to come up with an alternative and ports for smaller screens now. Users

of the iOS7 can now use the Photo Both iPad and iPhone touch that supports the iOS latest firmware version. With various tweaks that offers simple port yet it is efficiently designed for its desired applications. The app will allow you to get notable camera effects as well as giving you the sharing option.

The Photo Booth app shows up as a stand alone icon on the Springboard of your iPhone. You will not have to configure the stock setting apps which

usually is found inside the Photo Booth app. Users can get ready to snap photos as soon as the app has been launched for the fist time. It also comes with numerous real time camera effects that are available. The default setting is set to use the front camera, but you can easily switch it to the rear camera by simply taping the effect tile and then tapping the camera icon from the bottom bar.

Photo Booth supports the following effects:

  • Twirl
  • Stretch
  • Mirror
  • Light Tunnel
  • X-Ray
  • Squeeze
  • Thermal Camera
  • Kaleidoscope

One of these great tiles shows the normal scene in front of you. The preview windows are updated in real-time. Any effect can be enabled by hitting its tile once.

Photo Booth also provides the option of capturing the screen much like the Stock camera app. The recent photos taken by this app are shown at the bottom of the screen. There are not many options available on the screen. The only options available are back, shoot, and lens switch. There are provisions of deleting and sharing images in the Photo Booth gallery. This tweak uses the standard iOS7 sharing menu that includes the options of SMS, Twitter, email, and Facebook.

Photo Booth is a free app, and nearly works on all iDevices. Some users have reported the crashing issues with this app during the installation. You can download it from the Big Boss repo of the Cydia store.

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