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Get the Knock-to-Lock Feature on Any Android Device[Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Get the Knock-to-Lock Feature on Any Android Device[Guide]

The new Android sets, which include the HTC One M8, LG’s G Flex and G2, all have a cool little feature that lets users lock their device by simply tapping on an area of the display. But do not worry if you don’t have those sets, and want this feature. A new app by the name of Knock Lock is offering something similar to those who want this feature, but don’t want to go out and purchase a brand new smartphone. This app does what the name says; you can lock your device by tapping on a certain part of your display.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app from the Play Store (it is free by the way), you can start deciding which area of the screen you want your lock ‘patch’ to be. Now many people might be wondering that users could easily hit the area by mistake and end up accidentally locking their device. Knock Lock knows this and that is why you are required to double-tap the area, in order to lock your device. So there should really be no issue on accidentally locking your device, unless you’re one of those people who just love to constantly tap on your screen. One thing that might have made the app complete would be that if it allowed users to unlock or bring up the unlock screen by double-tapping on the same spot. It could be a future update, but as of now only the lock feature is present. And it is really helpful for those who have a big phone and small hands. Reaching the lock button can be difficult, with one hand. So placing a lock ‘patch’ near the bottom of the screen would be extremely beneficial.

knock to lock 2

The app will not drain too much battery and is absolutely free; two wonderful advantages. So give it a try. Instead of buying a brand new phone, download Knock Lock here and try out the feature. It will definitely be something of interest and may even become the permanent way to lock your Android device.

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