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Get Started on Your New Computer


When you bring a new computer home, you may want to get started on all your favorite activities. You want to make sure, however, that your new computer remains working at the highest potential. You must check to make sure all programs have proper updates, for example. You also want to make sure you have protection if your computer malfunctions. Registering your computer qualifies you for the warranty. You must also find a browser and transfer files. A proper setup leads to more successful use of your new computer.


Most computers send you reminders when an update becomes available. You may have missed updates while your computer sat on a store shelf, however. Check in the settings for available updates. Check for the latest updates of Windows, for example. While updates can take a while, they significantly improve performance. When you get ready for a new computer, check out Alienware coupon codes to help you save money.

Choose a Browser

You do not have to use the default browser. You may have Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge set as the default when you get a new computer. While Google remains extremely popular, you can choose from several different ones.

Depending on the type of computer you have, you may choose Safari, Firefox, or Opera. You can change this at any time, so try out a couple of different ones if you aren’t sure which one you want. Remember that certain browsers work with specific types of computers or mobile devices. Safari, for example, remains the default browser for Apple products.

Transfer Your Files

Many people feel frustrated with a new computer because they have all of their files organized on the old one. You can feel much more comfortable on your new computer once you have important files ready for use. You may find this process easier if you already have your files stored in the cloud. If you only have a few files you can put everything on a USB drive and then install it on your new computer. You can also find some paid services to help you transfer your files properly.

Register Your Computer

Registering your computer helps you prepare for unexpected problems. If your computer stops working during the warranty period, you can expect the manufacturer to take care of it. You may get free repairs or a replacement. Print out your registration information so you have it ready if issues arise. If your computer does break, be sure to read through your warranty before trying to fix it yourself. Many companies void warranties if they find signs that a customer has opened up a computer to work on it. They cannot prove the damage happened because of their product or customer negligence, so they do not honor the warranty in this instance. When you have your computer registered, you can also contact the company for help before you send it in for repair. Most companies have a phone or online chat option for customers that need help.

Your new laptop should last for several years. You can get your new computer ready for use by checking for updates immediately. Once the computer has proper updates, you can choose your favorite browser and upload your files. Register your computer immediately so you can get help if you have problems. Once you have your new computer set up, you can get back to work quickly.

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