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Get the Most Out of your Corporate Meetings


Meetings can be one of the most daunting parts of any job but they are necessary for every one of the 5.6 million businesses across the UK. They allow companies to discuss their future plans and instil new motivations in their employees and thus, should not be overlooked.

For many people, corporate meetings in person may feel like a thing of the past but now that COVID-19 restrictions are soon to be scrapped by the government, your next meeting may be in person. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure your employees are getting the most out of the meeting.

To do this, you’ll have to make your meetings engaging by optimising them to their best and here’s how to do that.

Make team members feel valued and comfortable

When employees feel valued and are sitting comfortably, they will be able to better unlock their creative juices and come up with solutions to problems and create innovative ideas for future growth. Here’s how to ensure you are doing this.

  • Open with good news – create a positive environment and your staff will be more likely to think in a positive light and speak up.
  • Provide feedback – Let them know what’s gone well and what hasn’t. Your transparency will be appreciated by them.
  • Offer drinks and snacks – No one thinks straight when they’re thirsty or running on an empty stomach. Provide these things and get their full attention.

Make it accessible

Don’t prevent someone from getting the most out of your meeting with poor accessibility by ensuring the following are put in place.

  • Whilst meetings are more likely to be in person, coming back into the office may be a step too far for some people. Ensure meetings can still be accessed online.
  • Provide necessary information – Don’t let your employees come into the meeting blind. Create helpful booklets that include the agenda and any reports on the work the business has been doing.

Make it practical

Make sure the meeting has a purpose and is going to help ongoing work. This could be done by:

  • Allowing time for employee feedback on the meeting topic.
  • Incorporating a brainstorming element of the meeting so creative juices can fly.
  • If the meeting is designed to boost employee relationships then make it fun with small group games or time to talk to new people.

Switch up facilitators

No one wants to hear the same person rambling on at them all the time so pass on the mantle to other employees. Encourage other members of staff to facilitate the meeting and they will also develop a range of new leadership skills. They may also be more qualified than you to cover certain topics and recognizing that is a great leadership quality.

Make Use Of A Lectern

Like most business owners, you probably dread hosting corporate meetings. They can be long and tedious, and it’s often challenging to keep everyone’s attention. If this is a problem you face, consider using a lectern in your next meeting. A lectern can help to keep things organized and make your meeting more effective.

A Lectern can also help to keep everyone’s attention. When standing in front of a group of people, it can be challenging to keep everyone’s attention. A lectern will help focus everyone’s attention on you and your presentation.

A lectern can help to make your meeting more effective. If you can keep everyone’s attention and deliver your presentation without interruption, you will likely have a more effective meeting. This is because people are less likely to tune out when focused on what’s being said.

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