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Getrude Nyenyeshi – Meet the Ladies of #AWITKenya2018 Conference

awit #AWITKenya2018 Conference

This week we talk to Gertrude Nyenyeshi, cofounder of TechInPink and Partnerships Lead at TeenCode Africa.

Gertrude Nyenyeshi awit #AWITKenya2018 ConferenceGertrude Nyenyeshi

Welcome Gertrude, it’s our pleasure to have you. Tell us a little about yourself and background

I grew up in the town of Eldoret, where I was exposed to computers at an early age. I studied Informatics in Moi University so I could pursue my desire to build games. I faced challenges including lack of a supportive community while in school and lack of representation. I however pushed on and am now a web developer at BBC through Andela.

I co-founded TechInPink from my experience in school and I’m invested in growing and nurturing developer communities. I am the Partnerships Lead at TeenCode Africa, Lead of Facebook Developer Circles Eldoret and part of the support team of Facebook Developer Circles Nairobi.

What’s one message do you want to share with other women in tech/business.

Consistency is key. Don’t always wait for opportunities, sometimes create them. Failure will happen. Grow a thick skin. Step out of your comfort zone. This world is for the takers.

What areas in you career do you need more boldness to succeed?

Bold enough to take more risks and chances.

To stop playing it safe and believe in myself more. This could be in any area e.g. taking up leadership roles, grabbing opportunities I believe are out of my league, approaching people I admire, speaking up because my voice and opinions matter.

Join Gertrude and other pan-African women in technology at the 2018 African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference, Nairobi this July.

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