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Getting Your Start-Up Off On The Right Foot


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There are so many moving pieces with any start-up that it can be almost impossible to keep track of them all. However, as you still want your start-up to be around in twelve months’ time, you need to pay attention to some of the bigger and most important ones. Taking time to do this might not be what you want to do, but it will be absolutely essential to your survival, so you need to take it seriously.

Even when time is short, you need to prioritize certain areas to ensure your business launch does not lead to an almost immediate decline.

Ensure your website is ready for launch

Depending on how well your launch is publicized, you could end up with a deluge of traffic to your website right at the start. If you have marketed your business correctly on social media or even got a social media influencer involved, this would be pretty much guaranteed. To make sure those visitors are not met with a glitchy site, long waits, or just a blank screen, you need to have your website tested thoroughly to make sure it will function correctly.

This will include trying out any sort of sign-up process and, most definitely, any steps you have in place for purchasing. Getting this wrong could badly damage your reputation and leave your future in the balance.

Give the right impression

Given that you are working on a tight budget, you may not have had the finances in place to hire premises exactly where you wanted. If the neighborhood your office is located in is not in the most desirable area, or you have problems with groups of teenagers loitering around, then anyone visiting your premises might feel intimidated or be left with a poor impression. This could mean that you lose out on potential customers or investors or even have exciting new talent decide not to join your company.

What would leave an even worse impression is seeing you in an altercation with these groups, so ideally, you would need an anonymous solution that gets them to move on peacefully. Something like the mosquito device could fit the bill here as it emits a sound that is uncomfortable for teenagers, so they are likely to relocate to somewhere where they cannot hear it.

Invest in training for all of your staff

As the business is brand new, nearly everybody involved will need some level of training to bring them up to speed with what happens, when, and how. Failing to do this will not only be embarrassing for you and the staff members involved, but you will also give your customers the impression that you don’t have the first idea about what you are doing.

Putting a training program and list of processes in place will not only stop this from happening, but it will also facilitate the easy onboarding of any future talent.

Final thoughts

If your start-up begins poorly, then the chances are it will only be going in the wrong direction from then on. So make sure you are looking after your website and bringing employees up to speed to help turn the launch day into a success. Making a first impression is also crucial.

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