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Ghanaian PlaySafe is subscription-based home-delivery for Feminine Hygiene products for the busy woman

by Milicent Atieno
PlaySafe pinkibox

I would say, we have all been there, but let me just speak for myself. There are those months when the hustle and bustle of life get overwhelming that you fail to remember some things. It can be very embarrassing if one of those things that you forgot is to get you sanitary pads in time before your period creeps up on you and catches you unprepared.

Well, if you have good girl friends around you, I am sure you can borrow some, or quickly run to the store; if that’s an option. Well, there’s a Ghanaian startup PlaySafe, which wants to eliminate the possibilities of such awful occurrences by automatically delivering a set of sanitary pads to you monthly.

As it works out, PlaySafe gets your physical address, and you subscribe to a number of sanitary pads, which they will deliver to you monthly. About three or four days, before your expected period day.playsafe pinkibox

The startup popped up in our radar after it was selected for the fourth edition of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, and set to win $5,000 funding. Though before the program, the startup ran purely as a self-funded venture.

A co-founder and CEO of PlaySafe, Nana Abena Fosua Gyamfi, told a section of the media: “The whole idea started in my final year in college. Most of us are so busy we forget to stock our sanitary supplies for the month and end up going to our colleagues for some. After college, I realized most busy working women face the same issues.

PlaySafe seeks to use technology to ensure organic, feminine hygiene products are accessible and more affordable across Africa. While at it, we want to create a community of social, bold Africans who do not shy away from talking about feminine hygiene issues, particularly menstruation.

By bringing e-commerce convenience into the space, we make it easier for these women to engage their period by subscribing to their sanitary supplies and getting them delivered just when they need them.

The PlaySafe website also offers women that come shopping a free chat platform where they can talk to medical experts about their menstrual issues. Gyamfi says their service, is like no other service available in Ghana.

Their competitors sell their sanitary towels via traditional wholesale and retail distribution channels. Where the women will have to visit a physical shop to buy their monthly package or for several months at a go.  PlaySafe claims to offer the womenfolk more convenience by delivering the pads at the designated address and on time in a regular fashion.

That way, the woman will never run out of stock, and they stand no risk of forgetting to stock up because of their busy schedule.

We are currently delivering in Accra and Tema. By the end of the year, we hope to have established strong presence in four major regional capitals in the country; Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, and Cape Coast.”

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