GIF Wallpaper: Here’s How to Make Any GIF Your Wallpaper in Android for Free

GIF images are amazing. There is something attractive and addictive about them which keep us hooked in them. Imagine having a beautiful, funny or amazing GIF as a wallpaper on your Android phone. This would certainly be a nice thing to have. You could have that endless looping cat, baby or scenery pic on your home screen or wall of your Android phone. The good news is that you can get animated GIF wallpaper live in your Android phone. There is a great free app which lets you see any GIF image as your Android wallpaper of your homescreen picture.

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Get GIF Wallpaper in Android for Free

Meet AnimGIF Live Wallpaper all. There is a free and pro version of this app. This app is extremely famous for its usability. It delivers what it promises. You can set GIF wallpaper Android using this app.

There is a live wallpaper area or section in the app. You will also see the menu buttons and sections for ‘Settings’ and ‘Set Wallpaper’.

There are some built-in GIF photos of the app which you can use as your wallpaper. But if you want to make a GIF wallpaper from an image that is stored in your phone, just use the “Select gif files” option. It will show you the option to move to the file. Select the photos and that’s it. Here is the settings page. Just tap the “Select GIF files” option.

Just select the GIF files. You should know the location of the GIF files.

If you don’t have the correct size of GIF images, you can set and tweak from the settings menu. You can make the photos fit to center, stretched and more using the app.

You can even add the play cycle feature to add a playlist of GIFs and they will keep changing.

In all the GIF photos that will become your wallpaper in Android using this app’s lite version, you will see a watermark of the app. But you can download the pro version of this app. It costs a little but the performance is great and you will not see any watermark.

GIF wallpaper in Android sounds fun, but you should note that a GIF wallpaper causes battery drains. Constant GIF playing and looping uses a lot of system resources.

Download AnimGIF Lite version

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