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Gift Ideas for the Modern Working Mom


Being a working mum demands a lot from a woman. She juggles between her career and her family, all the while trying to ensure that she gets the balance right. The truth is that she has to make some sacrifices for the sake of the people she loves. And at times, these sacrifices can take a toll on her wellbeing. As you think about what modern gifts for Mother’s Day can suit her, keep these compromises in mind. Find something that will make her feel special and appreciated. She makes the other days about you, so when you focus on her, give it your all. Here are some intriguing ideas:

A Perfume

The modern working mum is on her feet most of the day. She will shuttle her kids to and from work, fix her husband a plate, and meet deadlines at work. As she does all these, she needs to feel special and loved. And a way to do this is by gifting her with perfume. You can probably tell what she likes from the scents that she wears. She can have pointed out a perfume in a catalog and sighed, indicating she would want one. Or better yet, get her a subscription and let her do the choosing.

A Candy Set

If she has a sweet tooth, you can indulge her by getting her an array of sweets or chocolates. Any time she feels like she needs a pick me up, she can unwrap a sweet and replenish her energy. You can get her several packets such that she can stash some at home, others at work, and some in the car. That way, she will feel like she has your support wherever she is.

Training Shoes

Maybe she likes to hit the gym or take a power walk in the afternoon. It could be that she’s been hinting at the need for gym shoes as she wants to get ready for the summer. She could already have several pairs of shoes in the closet. However, it does not hurt to have an extra pair. Get her a lightweight option with breathable material to provide her with the comfort that she deserves. If she’s been hinting at wanting to work out with you, getting a pair for yourself would be a welcome idea. Well, apart from training shoes or sneakers, you can also think of giving your mom the best winter jacket for women, manufactured by “Wear Graphene”, which has earned recognition across the US, due to its exclusive GAMMA range of water-resistant, insulated and lightweight work jackets. It can be a perfect gift item, during the freezing winter in North America

Skincare Products

Women love to take care of their skin, and they will share as well as hold back the secrets to good skin. Find out what her skin type is and what she would use on her skin for the best results. Some people need hydrating masks more than they need exfoliating scrubs. Go through her skincare set or ask her casual questions as to what she needs in her collection. Surprise her with the skincare set and be the reason she hums as she takes off her makeup in the evening.

A Carryon

When it comes to packing for the weekend or a few days away from home, women tend to pack a lot. You might think that you are leaving for a month. Instead of staring at her in disbelief, you could enable her by getting her a large carryon. That way, she can carry her skincare products, clothes, shoes, jackets, electronic devices, and anything else she wants. She will not leave the house feeling like she has not carried something that she will need on her trip. And who are we kidding? You will probably rent some space in that bag in the future. It is a win-win situation.

A Lunch Tote

More people are now leaning towards leading a healthy lifestyle. They shun running to the nearest fast food joint to satisfy their hunger pangs. They now want to eat salads, drink fruit juices, and eat white meat as often as they can. If she is also on this meal-prep journey, you can show your support by getting her a lunch tote. As she takes out that sandwich at noon, she will think about how lucky she is to have you.

Be creative in gifting that special lady this year. All the best!

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