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Gilat Satcom Rolls Out ‘Village Island’, A $1 Per Month Internet Access For Rural Africa

Gilat Satcom Rolls Out ‘Village Island’, A $1 Per Month Internet Access For Rural Africa

Gilat Satcom, a communications service provider, has rolled out an initiative geared towards connecting the low-income villages in rural parts of Africa with internet connection at a monthly fee of $1 per month. The project dubbed, Village Island has be designed to provide rural dwellers with internet access, VoIP and IP video using a private satellite network made up of NGOs, Cellular and telephone carriers among others.

The Company also announced that the Village Island will be officially launched at the Innovation Access Digital Africa Summit

, which will be held at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe starting April 14-16.

Providing affordable access in Africa is an ongoing theme for the telecoms industry. We have worked for a long time to provide a solution which is both affordable for the village end-user and profitable for the entire supply chain,”

said, Eran Yoran, the Director Marketing and Business Development of Gilat Satcom.

Village Island is economically self-sustaining and scalable so it can grow with demand and with a minimal additional investment.”

About Gilat Satcom

Gilat Satcom is a communications solution provider dealing with the provision of satellite and fiber-based internet connection solutions across Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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