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How To Give Your Windows 8.1 An Amazing Ubuntu Theme

by Felix Omondi

How To Give Your Windows 8.1 An Amazing Ubuntu Theme

Windows is the easiest and most user-friendly OS especially to computer users who just want to get work done fast and easy, and are least bit interested in learning about the technicalities in play that make computers work.

That being said; there are still other Windows users who admire the sophisticated look presented by Linux distributions, but are intimidated by the less than friendly and less familiar UI they present. Ubuntu OS being the most popular of the Linux distributions has a set of good features and can be said to possess some elegant UI.

For Windows users who would like an Linux-looking theme, then going for the Ubuntu theme would be the best way to go. But please be aware, while there is a plethora of Ubuntu theme and transformation packs available out there, only a handful can actually deliver the real Ubuntu feel and look to your Windows PC.

I have identified Maverick Ubuntu theme as the best theme that actually delivers that Ubuntu feel and look on Windows. Perhaps the only downside to this theme, is that you will have to shell out $1.35 for the premium package, but as you can see in the picture below, the Maverick Ubuntu theme is worth every penny of it.

How To Give Your Windows 8.1 An Amazing Ubuntu Theme

The name Maverick sounds like something meant for OS X, but be assured this theme is neither designed to be installed on OS X nor is it inspired from OS X. To download the Maverick them, follow this link.

Heads up to those who have never customized Windows 8.1 and are wondering how to go about installing 3rd party themes; you must first enable the 3rd party visual styles support for Windows 8.1. The default setting on Windows 8.1 does not allow you to install 3rd party themes. In order to do this, you must first download and install the UX Style – it’s available for free.

It is only after downloading and installing the UX Style that you can now install the Maverick Ubuntu theme. As a cautious computer user, you ought to first create a manual restore point before you embark on installing any 3rd party visual styles on your Windows and this case should not be an exception. In fact, you should be doing this whenever you are installing any 3rd party software which you are not familiar with.

Don’t forget, the Maverick Ubuntu theme is only meant for Windows 8.1 and not any other previous versions of Windows, and you can download it at a premium charge of $1.35. For more Linux themes for Windows, keep it as we endeavour to keep you updated on the best and latest tech trends.

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