Giving fellatio reduces the chances of miscarriage


It has been a myth for many years that fellatio helps in revitalizing women’s nutrition. One of those myths one doubts, as it conveniently suits the sexual fantasies of men. Well, it turns out it is actually true.

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands are propositioning that pregnant women who regularly swallow their partner’s seme reduce chances of miscarriage. Apparently, a man’s semen can strengthen a pregnant woman’s immune system is such ways that the fetuses end up growing strong and healthy.

That could be because semen contains hormones and proteins from the man, which end up being useful in the pregnant woman’s body as it builds up a tolerance to the pregnancy. The researchers base their proposition from a study they conducted on 234 women; observing their pregnancy history and oral sex habits.

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However, the researchers do acknowledge that their study was small and does not provide unequivocal evidence that sperm leads to lower miscarriage rate. They, however, suggest that their research shows there is a link between high fellatio tendencies with reduced cases of pregnancy miscarriages.

In the 234 women participating in their study, 97 of them reported having suffered a recurrent miscarriage. That is they have three or more miscarriages in a row. It is reported that a third of women in the UK suffer from this condition.

Recurrent miscarriage may be triggered by hormonal or genetics problems. Infection is also another leading cause, but generally, the medical field has no unequivocal explanation for miscarriage.

However, the researchers discovered that in the 234 women in the study, those who had regular miscarriages were not frequently giving their male partners fellatio. 73% of the women who had not had miscarriages reported giving their male partner regular oral sex.

Oral exposure to seminal fluid seems to… influence pregnancy outcome in a positive way,” wrote the researchers in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology. “Our results suggest an association between less oral sex and the occurrence of recurrent miscarriage.”

In a nutshell, these researchers are saying that by building up a tolerance to substances from the man’s body, the pregnant woman give their fetus better chances of not just surviving to term, but also makes it grow stronger and healthier.

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