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Gmail for Android gets an Update to now support Microsoft Exchange

by Felix Omondi
Gmail for Android gets an Update to support Microsoft Exchange

Yesterday Google rolled out an update for its Gmail for Android app with a very noteworthy feature; support for Microsoft Exchange. The latest version of the app is now available for downloads on Google Play.

So far it has only been Gmail for Android app on Nexus devices that have had support for Microsoft Exchange. Google confirmed this to Venture Beat where the company’s representative said: “Exchange support was previously only available on our Nexus devices, but as of today, Exchange support covers mails, contacts, and calendar data in Android across all devices.”

The Exchange Server started off as a Microsoft’s internal mail server before it was open to the general public. Its email client, Microsoft Exchange has taken back bench to Microsoft Outlook client, which is why it is less popular. Exchange Servers initially only supported proprietary protocol MAPI, but with time it added support for POP3, SMTP, EAS, and IMAP email protocols.

Exchange however, still remains the standard for work-related email contact and calendar syncing in many industries. That is probably why Google had little choice but to support Microsoft Exchange in its Gmail for Android app. Now employees in businesses using Exchange can get their work email, contacts, and calendars right on their Android devices, without having to install alternative apps to server their work-emails needs.

However, there is one caveat! It is highly likely that your company’s IT department could require you get their approval before using Gmail for Android app as your work-email client.

Other than that, you will be glad to know that the Gmail for Android app now supports Gmail (of course), Yahoo Mail,, Microsoft Exchange and any other IMAP/POP accounts. That is great news for someone looking to using just one app for all their email needs. Before, Microsoft Outlook client was a good option for Exchange emails, now you can add Gmail app to that list.

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