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Gmail v8.7.15 APK Teardown – Google might bring email scheduling to the app

by Felix Omondi

Most people don’t appreciate the difficulty that comes with staying on top of all your emails. I mean having to open, read through, and reply to them. If most people did, then they a lot of people would be more mindful of when to send an email just like they are with making phone calls; calls must be within the appropriate times.

Often, people just get a notification from their Gmail app, wait until they have the time to open the email, and respond whichever time is convenient to them. That also means they send an email at whichever time they finish composing and attaching the relevant files. The day of the week and time of the day doesn’t really matter much to most people. (But they will not do the same with phone calls; most people have a good bearing of what days of the week and what time of the day is appropriate to call based on your relationship with the contact.)

You might counter-argue that this is an email, and unlike a phone call, it is less invasive of someone’s attention. They can read your email and respond when they find a minute out of whatever they are doing; at whichever time of the day or day of the week.

Well, say you are working on Friday evening, just a little after closing time, and decide to email someone at another company. They might not open their email until Monday morning. And in the period between Friday evening and Monday morning, they could have received lots of other emails, with each new email to their account pushing yours further down.

Come Monday morning, if the backlog is too long, they might not even open your email. Especially if it’s buried deep down in a heap of email, the contact needs to address. Again to my earlier point, we all need to be mindful of what day of the week and time of day we send our emails.

The best route would be to schedule your email so they can be sent out at the appropriate time, while you also get to compose them at whichever day of the week, or time of the day suits you. If you are using Google’s Gmail, you are probably not aware that you can schedule emails; other emailing platforms have had the option for quite some time now.

It appears engineers at Gmail are working on bringing email scheduling, according to a teardown of the Gmail v8.7.15. We also expect the feature to make its way to the web version of Gmail too. According to reports by the ‘geeks’ (technical folks more knowledgeable with coding), there is a new line of code on the latest beta version of the Gmail APK. The line goes like

<string name=”menu_schedule_send”>Schedule send</string>

The rest of the text string is gibberish for most of us ‘laymen’ that I felt no need of including them up there. But the bottom line is Google is working on bringing scheduling feature on Gmail for mobile; it will only be a matter of time before web version follows suit.

You can grab the APK from the APK Mirror from this link.

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