Good news! Microsoft Paint will automatically recover your unsaved images

Microsoft paint

It might not be big news, given there are now more powerful image software compared to Microsoft Paint. However, a good number of users began drawing digital images on Microsoft Paint at a younger age.

You might be interested to know Microsoft Paint has received an update that will make it recover any unsaved work. This feature could come in handy on occasions when you are on a desktop computer without a UPS backup and there is a power blackout.

It will now work like all Microsoft Office Suite. Take, for instance, MS Word, or Excel which periodically saves your work. Even if you don’t hit the ‘Save’ button, you will probably not lose all your work. It keeps saving your draft after every 10 minutes, but you can change that to a shorter time period. More details on this available at this link.

The irony in Microsoft giving Paint an autosave feature is a bit unexpected given they already deprecated the app. These days Microsoft it drumming up support for their new Paint 3D available for download from the Store app.

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