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Google adds confirmation step before deleting images on Google Photos

by Felix Omondi
google photos

Google has rolled out a minor update to the Google Photos Android app. This update explicitly gives the workflow before any deletion of a picture is done. When you tap on the delete button, the screen shows an explicit delete confirmation screen before any action is taken.

This new feature will cut down on incidences of errant and accidental deletion of an image. Previously, you could delete a picture on Google Photo, by simply hitting the delete button. A snackbar will then slide-up at the bottom of the screen displaying ‘Undo’ which when pressed will undo the deletion.

However, that slide-up menu at the bottom of the display was not conspicuous to many users. That leads to many people not having to undo, despite their wish to do so, and having a chance to do so, simply because the option was not conspicuous. The snackbar also disappeared a bit too quickly; it only appeared for a few seconds and in not enough time for some users to notice its presence.

The new delete confirmation screen will slide up conspicuously letting the users know the action they have taken will result in deletion of their image. It will ask you to confirm if you want to move the given image to trash, and after that, you will still get the ‘Undo’ snackbar asking if you want to undo your action.

This new feature will come off as a nuisance to power users when they want to review a photo in full-screen before they delete it. Though for the regular user, the up-front confirmation will be a welcomed feature.

The new feature began rolling out to a select number of users over the weekend, but on the latest Google Photos, it seemed the feature has rolled out to everyone.

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