Google Allo can now share your Personal Data if you let it

Google Allo can now share your Personal Data if you let it

Compared to other digital assistants, there is little to write home about on Google Allo, with regards to being feature-packed. However, that might just be the reason why some people love it more than other digital assistants. Some look so smart they keep you wondering what else could they be doing behind your back; without your knowledge.

Leaving that aside, Google Allo still packs some nifty features; it can quickly do a web search, set a reminder, even tell you a joke or two right in the middle of your conversations. Now, Google has baked in a new feature that could make your Allo experience better.

Google Allo can now share your personal data; if you grant it permission to access your personal data. Say you are in the middle of a chat conversation with your friend, and they so happen to need you to share with them a contact in your phone book. You can simply ask Allo to fetch you that contact and share it with the person wanting that information.

You can also ask Allo to tell you if you have any upcoming events in your calendar or your flight information update. Google Allo first fetches for the information you requested, if it finds it, it will then ask for your permission to share it.

This new feature is available on Allo 6.0 if you have an earlier version. You might want to update the app first before giving it a go.

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