Google Art & Culture app breaks social media with freakish doppelgangers from way in the past

Google Art & Culture app

Have you ever wondered how many people out there look like you? Now, have you ever wondered how many people who once walked the face of the Earth looked like you? Well, wonder no more!

Engineers at Mountain View, California have updated the Google Art & Culture to enable it to take a selfie of you and run image recognition with pictures in the archives. The app then finds someone from the archives who matches your physical looks the most.

It then returns a picture of you and that of your doppelganger (from way in the past) side-by-side, with a percentage of your match. If you like what you see (or don’t like what you but are still brave enough) you can share the picture of you and your doppelganger on social media; if you dare.

A number of people are giving it a try, and most of the time, the picture they are matched with is of uncanny resemblance; but of people from way back in the past. However, the match is not always close; sometimes it is completely off. Though it does make for a fun moment. Other took the match they were given as an insult by Google, other were merely baffled, and a good number were satisfied.

Below is a sample of some of the people who got matched with their doppelganger from the past and were ‘brave’ enough to share on social media.

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Google is merely showing off the might of its Deep Learning Systems

What Google is doing is letting people know its deep learning technology has grown to impressive levels. However, there are instances where it matches a person with a doppelganger who could be further from resembling them; the deep learning technology completely missed the big picture.

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