Google Assistant rolling out to all eligible Android devices near you

google assistant

Search engine giant, Google, has made a YouTube video announcement that it is planning on rolling out Google Assistant to all ‘eligible’ Android Marshmallow and Nougat devices. This rollout is effective from yesterday when Google made the announcement.

News of Google Assistant being availed to all Android devices was first announced at the Mobile World Congress early this week. The roll out will begin with the United States, and Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany to follow soon.

To get the Google Assistant app, you will not have to go to Play Store to download. Rather, Google is adding it as a functionality through the Google Play Services update. That is to say, when you see the Google Play Services update pop up on your Play Store account, know that you are about to get the Google Assistant also installed.

Although Google has not prepared a list of all eligible Android devices, the search engine says “hundreds of millions of Android users” are set to get try out the Google Assistant. However, the new Google Assistant has picked up some new abilities that will enable users to interact with it in more than just voice commands. To quickly activate it, long-press the home button.

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