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Google Is Axing The Chrome App Launcher

by Felix Omondi
Google Is Axing The Chrome App Launcher

“What exactly is Chrome App Launcher,” you ask? Well, that exactly why Google is removing it. Chrome app launcher is an icon that sits in the taskbar or dock giving users quick access to Chrome apps.

Google meant to make Chrome app launcher differentiate between the desktop app and web apps; making clear that blur line between the two.

However, it has emerged that very few people actually use Chrome app launcher on a regular basis. So much so, that it has become one of Google’s innovative inventions that never get used; well at least to the levels pleasing to the company.

Google Chrome users prefer launching apps on their own from within the browser. Thus, they find no user for the app. Therefore, Google has decided that going forward, users on Windows, OS X and Linux will no longer be bothered by the presence of an app they rarely use (understatement). However, it will remain in Chrome OS as it is part of the core interface on that platform.

For Windows, OS X and Linux OS users, the Chrome App Launcher will start disappearing with the next successive Chrome browser updates. Come July 2016; the app will ultimately be removed even to the handful of users that use it.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Google’s continuous innovations on how to make the Chrome interface simpler and faster. This comes against the backdrop of constant criticism from users that the Chrome browser is increasingly becoming sluggish, and both a memory and power hog.

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In 2015, Google had to do away with the Chrome desktop notification center icon. Mainly because no one actually used it and it only worked to slow down the browser and makes things heavy.

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