Google+ euthanizing Personal Accounts come April 2, 2019

Google+ is a sort of also-running social network associated to Gmail users accounts but has so far not grown anywhere near the popularity Facebook and Twitter. This has led to many Gmail users finding it completely of no use to them, while some see it as a nuisance with its notifications.

At the tail end of 2018, Google announced it will be shutting down Google+ come April this year. The reason behind this decision was low usage of the social media platform, once hailed as the Facebook-killer that never even came close. And now, Google wants to shift its resources towards its other services that are performing better.

Google+ initial years seemed very promising as it rose in popularity quite fast. It came against a backdrop of collapsing Myspace, and Facebook early years in the social media business; though it (Facebook) had already attained dominance position in the market. However, Google+ did not prove compelling enough to keep the momentum going.

Google took the pains to explain how it will be phasing out Google+ in a blog post. Personal accounts (consumers) will be the first to be euthanized come April 2nd, and the company has given users the option of downloading all their Google+ data. Though pictures uploaded on Google Photos will not be deleted.

Starting February 4, users will no longer be able to create new Google+ profiles, communities, pages, or events. In the following week, you will no longer be able to sign into website using your Google+ account, and such logins will be shifted to using your Google account to sign in.

However, G Suite customers (premium service) will continue using their Google+ accounts. These accounts will remain active. Google is only shutting down the service for consumers; those without the G Suite account.

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