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Google has extended YouTube Go (beta) to African countries

by Milicent Atieno

YouTube Go, the slimmer version of your typical YouTube mobile app is now available in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, and Senegal.

The app, though still in beta, is ideal for users who have trouble finding strong, reliable, and affordable internet connection, whenever they want to watch YouTube videos. With YouTube Go, one can download the videos while on an unmetered and fast internet connection and watch later while you are offline. You can also share the video you downloaded for offline viewing with your other family and friends via Bluetooth or a hotspot connection.

This feature will be especially useful to users who get strong, unmetered, and affordable internet with limited access. Take, for instance, a student who only attends campus for a few hours or an office worker, who has access to the company’s Wi-Fi only when at work. Such users might not have internet connection while at home, and if they do, it could be expensive, slow, and metered.

With YouTube Go, the users can download the videos while at the place with unmetered Wi-Fi connection, and enjoy watching those videos while they are away from that place. It could also be useful to individual who want to save on their data cost. As you know, you may want to watch a certain YouTube video over and over again. Ordinarily, that would mean you stream the same video over and over again.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will keep charging you per each MBs of data used to stream, whether or not you are streaming the same thing over and over again. To save on cost, you could simply download the video once, and watch it as many times as you would like without paying extra each time you want to watch the video.

If you are in any of the said African countries to which Google has now availed the beta program and would like to give it a go, click here to download it from the Play Store.

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