Google +: Getting Yourself Out There

Google +: Getting Yourself Out There

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With the constant development of social apps and websites, finding the right one for your needs becomes even more difficult to decide which app or site is right for you. There’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace…Is your head spinning? Let’s keep things simple and take a look into the too often ignored Google + app and site. Is Google + for you?

Is Google + for you?

The convenience of Google + begins with Google’s integration of the Gmail application and your mobile’s features. Of course, these features can be adjusted if one doesn’t enjoy frequent notifications from Google about their photos being automatically backed up on Google +, or a new post of special interest you should check out. In fact, customizability of Google + profiles is what makes this networking site a winner.

Are you interested in building a professional profile? Well Google + allows you to set up a profile (which, by the way, you can create your own link!) with the choice of layout for you to portray whatever image you prefer. Backgrounds, colors and the ability to link other sites, blogs, etc. make a great playground for start-ups and recent graduates seeking a creative way to enter their prospective industry.

Extracted from author’s Google+ page

Still not impressed? Google + allows you to customize your feed! Not only can you select what you want your feed to stream, you can also customize the content. Enjoy the New York City art scene? Are you an avid reader, or a techie? Be in-the-know of breaking news and recent developments for your particular field. This feature allows you to sell yourself professionally and keep you up-to-date with all you need to know to impress your prospective employer!

Whether you want to explore the endless opportunities Google + can open up for you, or you simply want to stay connected with friends and relatives, this site does a great thing in bringing people together and educating the public. With Google +, all the information you’d like to have—without searching through the web—is suggested to you by Google on your page. And, as a staple of the Hipster Generation, customization is always a must-have option.

Getting started with Google +

Ready to ditch drama saturated social sites for a site that actually values its community? If you have a Gmail account, you are one step closer to exploring all that Google + can offer you. With easy to follow tutorials and directions, Google will guide you through the creation of your Google + page. And if you’re on the go, the Google + app is a great way to view new posts, breaking news, and field related updates right on your mobile phone. With a crisp layout, navigation through the Google + app is a breath of fresh air.

Start by creating your profile, organizing your followers (this feature is super helpful!) and then you can be on your way to linking, designing, and content organizing. Once you are content with how you’ve created your page, explore trending topics, chat on Google Hangouts and begin posting about how much you love your new page!

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