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Google Is Building A New Messaging App; Fitted With Artificial Intelligence

I would say Google’s Hangout has been tweaked beautiful enough to replace your native smartphone SMS messaging app. I know a lot of users who have combined both Hangout messaging and carrier SMS functions to be carried out on Google’s Hangout.

Some rumors suggest Hangout will no longer be able to support the SMS integration on the messaging app. Well, this is still speculative information, but they are from a reliable source, The Wall Street Journal, and Tech. If there is one thing I know for certain about why some messaging apps grow so popular than other, it is because of the number of users on that platform.

Take, for instance, Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp and the Chinese’s WeChat app. All these messaging apps, hate them or love them, you will be forced to use them because that is where most people are. It beats logic why you should imprison yourself to a particular app, say 2Go, and you only have like two or three contacts that sporadically use them.

Now, Google is a pretty influential company, with a lot of people using its various services and platforms. However, when it comes to messaging app, it is struggling to get traction; at least not as good as Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Just ask yourself how many times do you do Hangout, compared to Messenger or WhatsApp your friends?

Google now wants to scale up users experience on its messaging app and is planning to do so by introducing an entirely new app. Not upgrading Hangout that we have become quite accustomed to. This new messaging app from Google is said, will be fitted with artificial intelligence technology, turning it into a somewhat a chatbot gizmo.

You will be able to ask the messaging app question, and it will attempt to give you answers. You will be able to text back and forth with your human friends like normal people do; additionally, you will be able to text back and forth with Google’s chatbot. This chatbot is said will be able to scour the Internet and other sources of information to give you the best possible answers to your questions.

The name of this new Google messaging app has not yet been made public; neither is the name we are going to be calling it. I guess this is just one more thing you will have to wait for, come 2016.

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