Google is now copying features off Microsoft new Chromium-based Edge browser to its Chrome browser

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Microsoft had a successful run with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser in its initial years. As a matter of fact, people who used computers back then will tell you, IE was a lifesaver in the years of Netscape Navigator and other inferior browsers.

However, when Mozilla launched its Firefox browser, that was when the rains started beating Microsoft. It has ever since lost grip of the market, and things became even worse when Google launched the Chrome browser.

In Windows 10, Microsoft launched a new browser, Edge. Hoping the browser will reclaim Microsoft lost glory within the internet browser space. Edge browser has had little (if any traction) among users; the Chromium-powered Chrome browser has proven a tough nut to crack.

If you can’t beat them, join them

So Microsoft decided to change the Edge browser from inside-out and adapted the Chromium engine (open source) to revitalize its browser. Though the Chromium-version of Edge is still in beta form, it appears to have caught the attention of Google.

Word has it that Google has decided to copy a feature on the beta Chromium Edge browser and is planning to introduce it to Chrome. Already the said feature is in the beta Chrome Canary for users to give it a spin.

The new feature (borrowed from Chromium Edge) is a redesign of the settings page. The new settings interface is available on Chrome version 76.0.3793.0 of the Canary distribution channel. The settings page now has a fixed right sidebar with various settings options, while on the left you find items corresponding to those settings.

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