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Google To Launch Artificial Intelligent Robots Soon

by Fahad Saleem

And once again! Google never ceases to impress the audience. By clinching a new start-up company called DeepMind in the name of artificial intelligence, Google aims to augment its store of technology and innovation. This company aims at creating learning-based codes best suited to the adaptability of machines and systems neuroscience.

DeepMind’s Basic Concept!
Uplift the standard of machines to the human level in the domain of learning

Company’s Insight
DeepMind is popular for its technological contributions made for the commerce and gaming sector. In this regard it has saturated the field with innovation and perfection in ideas. But, the main goal of the company is to create machines which can learn exactly like human beings.

google ai bots 2
This corporation appreciates and acknowledges Google’s effort to proffer it a right direction and supporting it in exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence. In this regard, more platforms have also been purchased e.g. Boston Dynamics which makes human robots. Moreover, other corporations which can contribute in producing a machine that is ‘more human’ are also given a worthy sight.

In the context of the discussion, the Google now app is employed for the prediction of human behaviors. This is limited to the Android users and what they will do next. To explore the domain even further, Ray Kurzweil, Engineering Director at Google has made marvelous predictions like digital immortality of human beings by transferring their whole brain to an electronic system. Moreover, it is anticipated that mechanical parts will fully replace a human body before 2100 AD.

Kurzweil, in the February 2009 made a statement with Google and NASA Ames Research Center. He said that Singularity University for government officials and corporate executives is to be created. The University’s idea is to understand the potent technologies and bring them to application for the welfare of human race. It should be kept in mind that the concept of DeepMind also revolves around the same idea.

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The future for this technology is still unknown. Where some fear that this technology would give rise to destruction in the form soldier robots some strongly believe that it’s important for a positive revolution.

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